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Was your phone lost or stolen?

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File A Police Report!

  • Call your local law enforcement agency. If you don't know the number, click the 'Lookup Number' button below.
  • File a police report. There are possibly different reports for LOST and or STOLEN devices.
  • Be sure to include your ESN, MEID, or IMEI, which is often on your account, or original device packaging.
  • Once this step is completed, goto Step #2 to find out how to report your theft to the carrier.

Report To Carrier!

Sprint + MVNOs

Report To Carrier!

Verizon + MVNOs

Report To Carrier!


Report To Carrier!

T-Mobile + MVNOs

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  • Please be sure to enter a valid email and phone number on the database form.
  • In the event your ESN, or IMEI is "checked", you will receive an automated email alerting you of the check, which will include the IP address of the person who performed the check. Also if the check was done via our website (not API) the visitor will be given the option to contact you regarding your found device. If the visitor is an API customer, your email address will be included in their response string in the event they choose to contact you.

Wait and Recovery

  • Right now all you can do is wait, and hope your device is recovered.
  • In the event your device IS recovered, please be sure to contact your carrier and let them know.
  • Click the "Remove ESN" button below to remove your ESN, MEID, or IMEI from our database.
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